MIT’s Six New Wireless Technologies!


Recently there was a display of wireless research at the MIT Wireless
Retreat featuring everything from sonic networks to real-time photo
processing. We bring to you all the cool new wireless technologies.

1. Wireless power transfer – This adaptable, multi-device system that
can transmit power wirelessly by Jouya Jadidian was one of the featured
and eye- catching display. This lends an idea about making Christmas
tree lights hassle free.

2. Computational photography – This project by Rahul Rithe makes use of
reconfigurable processor for performing advanced multimedia processing
in real time. It is very much like an insta-Instagram.

3. Coded TCP for streaming video – This project by Jason Cloud shows
technology crafted to hasten wirelessly delivered video performance
through modifications to TCP, permitting for congestion control and
other changes.

4. 802.11p via CMOS+GaN – This work by visiting scholar, Pilsoon Choi
on device-to-device communication makes use of short-range wireless
protocols and latest semiconductor designs that include materials
regularly used in advanced military radar sets.

5. Blurt – This sonic network by Peter Iannucci is for use in small
spaces relaying data acoustically. This is done over open air than via
the phone line.

6. In-software MIMO - This software by Swarun Kumar showcases his
software-defined MIMO implementation, meant to track and focus Wi-Fi
signals on clients by omitting mutual interference.
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