SMS based bank locker security system using GSM technology



Bank locker security is important for everyone who uses it. Many times we lost or forgot to carry the key of our bank locker. In these cases it gets really difficult to open the bank locker. Main concept behind this project is of a bank locker latch opening using two passwords which are entered through SMS and keypad. Each bank locker will have a GSM modem connected to it. When owner of the bank locker wants to open the locker then he/she has to sends a password through SMS. Then microcontroller connected to GSM modem reads the contents of password. If contents are correct then it will enable the keypad to enter second password. Now user has to enter second password using Keypad. If second password is correct then system allows user to access locker. We have provided a DC motor which will operate when both passwords are correct. Buzzer will be turned on if any one of two password is wrong. Microcontroller sends SMS to user for wrong password as well as for correct password. We have also provided an Infrared sensor in this project. Infrared sensor will be triggered when some person is standing in front of Locker. Then system will send SMS to the owner. This is low warning message as, “Some person is standing in front of your bank locker”. IR sensor will be turned off when user send first password through SMS.

Block Diagram:

SMS based bank locker security system using GSM technology

Description in detail:

Various important blocks of system are:
1) Microcontroller
2) GSM Modem
3) Keypad
4) LCD Display
5) Motor Driver
6) DC Motor
7) Buzzer

Applications and Advantages:

Applications of GSM based bank locker security system:
1) This project can be used in Bank for Bank locker security. This project can also be used in Industries, Office, Shops.
Advantages of SMS based bank locker security system using GSM technology:
1) This project provided double security.

Future Development:

1. We can provide voice feedback system.

Project Photographs:



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