GTU Management 2 question bank.


GTU Management 2 question bank for mid exam.

Question Bank
prepare by Miss. Hemali Rathi

1.Define Marketing and explain in detail 4p's of Marketing .

2.Distinguish Marketing and selling concept in detail

3.Define Market Segmentation and explain consumer base of Segmentation.

4.Explain the importance of Demand forecasting and state the features
of a good demand forecasting.

5.Define Demand forecasting and explain Expert-opinion method and
Time-series Analysis.

6.Define Marketing and discuss what is meant by Societal Marketing.

7.Explain the role of a finance Manager.

8.Identify the types of financial needs of a business and discuss the
goals of financial management.

9.Discuss the traditional and modern approach to the scope of financial

10.Explain the relationship of finance department with other department
of business.

11.Write a detailed note on RBI. Explain its objectives & Functions.

12.Define Marketing Management and explain how it is important to the
business? Explain significance of advertising in business.

13.List out the different methods of demand forecasting. Explain
qualitative techniques in brief.

14.Explain Financial Functions in detail

15.Explain the following terms:
>Marketing Management
>Financial Management
>Demand Forecasting
>Market Segmentation
>Integrated Marketing
>Niche Marketing
>Local Marketing
>Relationship Marketing
>Financial Markets
>Financial Instruments


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