10 Reasons That Make C The Best Programming Language


C is a simple and powerful language. It was written by Dennis Ritchie
and created at AT & T's Bell Laboratories in USA in 1972. It has been
there for over 30 years now so there has to be something special about
it. As stated on streetdirectory.com, here are some of the reasons why
C should be your preferred choice of programming language-

1. There is no way that anyone can master C++ or Java directly as it
requires a strong concept of programming elements like polymorphism,
classes, inheritance etc. C is a language that starts from the basics
and has foundational concepts on which today's concepts are based.

2. It is the foundation language on which C++ is based. Java too is
derived from C, sharing the same programming concept and syntax as C.
These are the most dominant languages in the world and all are based on

3. Languages including C++, Java, and C # use OOP (Object Oriented
Programming) are still written in C.

4. C is undeniably a strong competitor when it comes to performance
(speed of execution).

5. Most portions of the Windows, Unix and Linux are still being written
in C. It is essential to know C if you want to program the OS for these
or make your own.

6. C is used for programming device drivers of new devices as C offer
you access to the basic elements of the computer. It allows you direct
access to memory of your CPU via pointers and permits you to toy around
with and play with bits and bytes.

7. Consumer electronics like mobile, television, etc work on a CPU that
needs to be programmed with software known as embedded system programs.
These programs need to be quick in execution with very little memory. C
is the ideal programming language for embedded systems.

8. 3D games make use of C at their core as no one would want to play a
game that takes a long time to fire a bullet. Ideally, it should be one
Nano second and not 10 Nano seconds. C even today is the only
programming that can meet this requirement.

9. C being a middle level language as it a combination of the best
aspects of high-level language with low-level language. C is s both
user and machine oriented offering limitless opportunities.

10. A modern language is symbolized as being block structured in which
each code has its own separate block and is not known to code in other
blocks. This permits easy means of programming and minimizes the
occurrence of bad side effects. C is created from the bottom to the top
as a block structured language.
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