RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system


RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system


RFID based prepaid card for Canteen management system has application in School, college canteens as well as in Industries and Hotels.
In colleges, schools or Inside an University campus canteen facility is provided. Students, college staff or university staff uses this facility. Similarly food facilities provided in canteen in various companies. In this canteens students or employees pay their bills by cash. In existing system, cash payment is the only option for making the payment. This is the case for small canteens. In some big canteens credit card facility is provided but that’s very rare. The main draw back of cash payment system is that user always needs to carry the cash with him/her. And he/she needs to pay the exact amount otherwise there is problems for the remaining amount e.g. the bill is Rs.82 and if customer pays 100 then the canteen owner has to give back Rs.18. this creates a problem and if there is shortage of coins then either the owner has to maintain some register or he needs to provide coupons to canteen users. If the canteen owner gives coupon for the remaining amount then user has to carry that coupon. One more problem is that in colleges the student are going to have food in the same canteen throughout the month. In such cases an account of students is maintained in a notebook. Canteen owner writes order details of students on daily basis and at the end of the month total is calculated. This method has limitation and draw backs of maintaining paper based records. These paper based records can get spoiled or damaged and data of student account might get lost.
To give an effective solution for these problems we have implemented a project called “RFID base prepaid card for canteen management”. In this project canteen owner or canteen administrative person will give a RFID card to the user. This user can be a student in case of collages and an employee in case of an organization or company. This system is very effective. Advantage of this system is that it is really help full and effective for those people who have to go to canteen on daily basis. They need not to carry cash. A card is allocated to each user and user can recharge this card with a certain amount.
A user (student/employee) needs to pay cash to the canteen owner to recharge this RFID card. User can recharge this card depending upon his/her requirements or usages. User can recharge the card for minimum amount of Rs.100 to the maximum amount of Rs.2500. Prepaid RFID card for canteen project has a keypad for recharge and this keypad will be accessible only to the canteen owner.

Block Diagram:

RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system

Description in detail:

Various important blocks of system are:
1) Microcontroller
2) RFID reader
3) Matrix Keypad
4) Computer Interfacing
5) LCD Display
6) Buzzer

Applications and Advantages:

Applications of RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system:
1) This project can be used in schools, colleges, Industries, Hospitals and at our home.
Advantages of RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system:
1) This project is easy to use.

Future Development:

1. Voice feedback system can be included in RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system.

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