Fingerprint based attendance management system



Fingerprint of thumbFingerprint based attendance management system can be used at many places like Industries, Offices, and Colleges or even at various shops & malls. Main parts of this project are Microcontroller, Fingerprint module, Buzzer, Keypad, and LCD display.

How does this project work

To operate this project first we have to operate this project in “Settings mode or Admin mode”. In this mode we have to enter data into the database of finger print sensor, for this we have to take impressions of fingerprints of that person whom we want to give access to our security system. This can be done once or whenever a new entry has to be added in the system. Then this project has to be used in “Normal mode or Search mode”. In this mode the system compares the fingerprint input received at its optical plate with the previously stored fingerprint from its flash memory. If the entry matches with the memory then it gives out ok signal along with the identity number of that person. But if the entry does not match with the memory then it gives out error signal. The output received from fingerprint sensor is given to the microcontroller. Microcontroller then compares these output data. Function of microcontroller is to store attendance depending upon the input received. In case of OK signal from fingerprint module, microcontroller stores attendance. However if the error output is received then it turns on the Buzzer.

Block Diagram:

Finger print based time attendance system

Description in detail:

Following are the important blocks of this system:
1) Fingerprint sensor
2) Microcontroller
3) LCD Display
4) Buzzer
5) Keypad


“Fingerprint based attendance management system” project can be used by the employees, staff or workers in various industries like Automobile industries, manufacturing industries, Software development companies.


1. Scientific research and studies have proved that fingerprints do not change as you grow up.
2. Using Fingerprint saves time to gain access as compared to other methods like RFID card or written attendance in register book.

Future Development:

1. We can send this data to a remote location using GSM modem or mobile or internet
2. We can use non-contact fingerprint sensor. Which is also called as touchless 3D fingerprint scanner.

Video of the project: Finger print based time attendance system

YouTube video coming soon

Precautions to be taken while accessing fingerprint sensor:

Correct way to access Fingerprint sensor
Correct way to access Fingerprint sensor

Project Photographs:



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