Android based Alcohol detection system using Bluetooth technology



This project is used as an “Alcohol detector”. Alert is sent on an Application installed on Android mobile. This project can be used in Colleges, University campus, Industries and companies. The main objective of the project is to detect whether the person has consumed the alcohol or not. Alcohol sensor is used to detect the alcohol. Microcontroller sends alert to Android mobile using Bluetooth transmitter.

Block Diagram:

Android based Alcohol Detection System using Bluetooth Technology

Description in detail:

Person has to breathe out in front of Alcohol sensor. Generally this project should be installed on the entrance gate of college or company. If the alcohol percentage is more than the threshold value then microcontroller turns on the Buzzer immediately. Then an alert message is sent to Bluetooth encoder and then it sends it to Bluetooth transmitter. User needs to install an application on his/her mobile which is used to view these alert messages.

Applications and Advantages:

Applications of Alcohol detection using Android mobile:
1) “Android based Alcohol Detector project” should be used in schools, colleges and university campus to detect whether the students has consumed alcohol or not.
2) Various companies and industries can use this project to detect alcohol consumption by employees .
Advantages of Android based Alcohol detector:
1) “Android based Alcohol detector” helps to provide a place which is free of people who has consumed alcohol. Thus it makes place secure, safe and avoid undesirable situations.

Future Development:

1) We can add CCTV camera to take to view live streaming of the people giving alcohol test.

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