Top Tips To Make Your Soldering Experience Awesome

Being an electronics engineer you will have to learn to solder some
time in your life, I am sure some or most of you already know the art..
" ART !!! " you will say, Yes soldering is an art, the more you are
good at it the less time it will take and your circuits will look good
as well, no one likes bad soldering work, nor should you, why to
compromise on good enough when it can be awesome, so here are some tips
form me.

1 ). Good Iron: A good quality soldering iron will be your best friend
while soldering, a 25 to 35 watt iron is recommended, if you live in
India Soldron is my favorite brand, its a little costly but will last
you for years and years..

2 ). Iron Tips : The Tip is the business end of a soldering iron, make
sure to change them regularly, and while using them keep them clean.

3 ). Good Quality Soldering Wire : Yes it matters, buy good quality
soldering wire, the less the diameter of the wire the better, less than
.5 mm is recommended, in this way you will not be able to over feed the
solder and less wastage will occur, good quality rosin wire will also
give of less fumes which are harmful to health.

4 ). Atmosphere : Sit in in a well ventilated place, the fumes that
released by solder are not good for health if possible use a fume
extractor fan.

5 ). Per Heating The Iron : Before starting to solder let the iron heat
up for about 10 to 15 minutes, this gets the iron properly heated.

6 ). Keeping Things Handy : Keep all the things you will need handy,
close to you, so that when you start soldering you don't have to get up
to fetch something or another..

7 ). Be Aware : In your hand you have a iron which is HOT and I mean
extremely HOT about 300 to 350 C, so please be careful, you don't want
to get a burn, I have it hurts allot for DAYS !!!

In the end all I want to say is BE CAREFUL !!! And if I have missed any
point write it down in the comments


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